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About me and Blind Dance Radio

About me and Blind Dance Radio
About me

I’ve been blind since my third age. In my childhood I played piano, but later, when I became a teenager my interest and passion for eelctronic dance music began to grow up.
Now, I can not live wihtout this music any more. It is my life!

Last year I started to produce my own music. Since that time I have released three EP’s which are on Spotify and all the other music stores.

My syndicated Blind Dance Radio Show

Since January 2020 I’ve been producing my own syndicated radio show Blind Dance Radio which is broadcasted at around 45 radio channels.
With a professional mixing and announcing of the tracks I deliver Blind Dance to 45 radio channels every week.
There are 85 released episodes and the number is growing.
From time to time I also invite other DJ’s to support me with their guest mixes.
Mike Williams and Daniel Wanrooy are just two examples.
Everyone who loves EDM will keep this show in his heart!

My TV performance

I also had the honour to play at my local TV station a few weeks ago. It was so exciting.
When you feel that everyone can see you, but you can not see them… that’s something new, but I loved the feeling to mix the music in front of the cameras.
You can check out the whole youtube video here on my website.

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